More Demo Reel Tips

More Demo Reel Tips
Written by Pamela Thompson, Independent Recruiter

You should only include work that is absolutely great on your reel. If you question it you can be sure someone else will. Make sure your BEST stuff is up front. If the work is fabulous by all means include it. Otherwise, why not create something new to put on instead of the basic animation assignment? It is very important to keep your reel short yet GREAT. Realize that companies get many reels every week and if your reel does not stand out you will not be getting an interview. Try to create something original instead of putting on assignments that everyone else has or tutorial work. Unless you come up with something very clever and unique, it will look the same as everyone else.

Also, it is important to know that animating space ships or logos does not make someone a character animator. I would recommend avoiding these two items and concentrating on making an animation of a four-legged walk or run cycle. A guy got a job based on making a cat get up from a nap, stretch, walk and rub itself against a vase. It may have been 15 or 20 seconds long at the most. That was what was on his reel.

Remember to include a resume with your name and phone number and email address, a breakdown list of your reel (explaining what you did on it) and make sure your reel is labeled with your name and phone # and I like to get email addresses too. Include a resume with every reel you send out no matter how many resumes you have already sent to that person. Just yesterday I got two reels from experienced people–one reel had no name or phone number on the label, the other didn’t come with a resume.

Pamela Thompson, Independent Recruiter

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